The Diocese

About us
Tucked at the southernmost tip of India are we, a tiny diocese that has become one of the most talked about dioceses in India. Among the reasons:

Some trailblazing initiatives that were made here became trendsetters in the nation.

The diocese was the first to bring out a vision statement taking a radical option for justice and the poor, thus committing itself for socio-economic political involvement.

The diocese set a model by registering a Social Service Society to serve irrespective of caste and creed.

The diocese was the first in India to start Basic Christian Communities.

The Basic Human Communities programme initiated in the diocese takes inter religious dialogue to grassroots.

The diocese has one of the best networks of participatory structures in India.

The diocese is one of major suppliers of priestly and religious vocations in the nation.

The way the laity share responsibility at various levels in the diocese sets a model.

Though tiny in terms of geographical area, in terms of the Catholic population it is one of the largest.

But it is not bed of roses. We have our own pains and struggles. We invite you as we would a friend to visit and share our joys and concerns.