Diocese of Kottar
Bishop's House PB 17, Nagercoil, Kanyakumari District.
  • Kanyakumari

  • Martyr Devasahayom Pillai Church,

God's mercy goes beyond human justice, எபேசியர் 4:32 ஒருவருக்கொருவர் நன்மைசெய்து பரிவு காட்டுங்கள்; கடவுள் உங்களைக் கிறிஸ்து வழியாக மன்னித்ததுபோல நீங்களும் ஒருவரை ஒருவர் மன்னியுங்கள்.
Profile of Bishop Peter Remigius

Native of Manakudy:
Bishop Peter Remigius, was born on May 20, 1939 at Melmanakudi in Kanyakumari District, Tamilnadu, Kottar Diocese.
Priest of the Diocese of Kottar:
He was ordained a priest  for the Diocese  of Kottar on April 18,  1966 at Madras by Rt. Rev . Dr. Arulappa, Archbishop of Madras – Mylopore.
Bishop of Kumbakonam
He was consecrated and installed Bishop of Kumbakonam on Jan. 3 1990 by His Eminence Lourdusamy.  His motto is Hope, Dare,   Serve.  He served the diocese of Kumbakonam for 18 yrs.
Bishop of Kottar:
He was appointed bishop of Kottar on June 30,2007 and took the canonical possession of the Diocese of Kottar on 24 August 2007.  Diocese of Kottar is a vibrant diocese that consists of 5,00,000 Catholics, 177 parishes, 290 priests and 900 Religious priests, sisters and brothers.,
President of Tamilnadu Bishop’s Council:
During the January 2013 TNBC meeting held in Chennai, Bishop Peter Remigius was elected President of TNBC.  There are 20 Catholic Diocesses in Tamilnadu and bishop Peter Remigious is now the President of all  the dioceses of Tamilnadu.
President of Caritas India
Caritas India is the official national Organization of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India for social development.
It was established in 1962 to assist the Church in India in its efforts to eradicate poverty, reach relief and rehabilitation in times of disasters and organize communities for self advancement.  As President of Caritas India bishop Peter Remigius has served the poor and marginalized, without any distinction of caste, creed and ethnicity.
Director of St. John’s Medical College
Bishop Peter Remigius was one of the Board of Directors of the St. John’s Medical College, Bangalore for 10 years.
Chairman of Prision Ministry of India
Bishop chairs the new ministry of the Catholic Church that helps the prisoners and their families to be a holistic and normal person in the main stream of society.
Supporter of Higher Education
Bishop Peter Remigius is a promoter of Higher Education and is Chairmand for many Educational Institutions such as St. Xavier’s Catholic Engineering College, St. Xavier’s Catholic Nursing College and Morning Star Polytechnic at Chunkankadai, Nanjil Arts and Science College at Kaliakkavilai, Bishop Agniswamy College of Education at Muttom and Pope John Paul II College of Education at Mulagumoodu.
Promotor of Social Work
Bishop Peter Remigius is known for social work.  As a young priest of the Diocese of Kottar, he served as the executive director of Kottar  Social Service Society for many years at the diocesan and regional level and served as executive director of Caritas India at National level.  After becoming bishop, being president of Caritas India, he did marvelous contribution for the uplift of the Society.  As bishop of Kottar today he is chairperson for Kottar Social Work Society (KSSS) and Kuzhithurai Integrated Development Society (KIDS)
Advocate of Health Care:
Bishop Peter Remigius who was honoured as “Great Shephered” by Rotary Club of Trivandrum, cares for the health  of his flock.  He is a member in the  Voluntary Health Association  and director of Catholic Health Association of India.  To get  medical facility for the poor he has come forward to the adventurous task of establishing Multi Speciality Hospital and Martyr Devasahayam Pillai Catholic Institute  of Medical sciences at Muttom and  St. Xavier’s Medical College at Chunkankadai.
Catalyst of Evangelization:
Filled with missionary zeal, Bishop Peter  Remigius established 32 new  parishes in the diocese of Kottar within a short period of six years.
Elevator of Martyr Devasahayam Pillai
Bishop Peter Remigius with his effort and  enthusiasm succeeded in elevating the Servant of God Devasahayam Pillai to the rank of Blessed and Martyr.